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Mission: To combat housing discrimination and promote equitable place-based opportunity through education, advocacy, and collaborative action.

About: The Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance (CAFHA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit consortium of fair housing and advocacy organizations, social service providers, government agencies, and municipalities committed to the value of fair housing, diversity, and integration.

What Is Fair Housing: Fair Housing is the right for all people to live wherever they choose, to have access to housing (seek, purchase, sell, lease or rent) and enjoy the full use of their homes without unlawful discrimination, interference, coercion, threats, or intimidation by owners, landlords, real estate agents, or any other persons.

Fair housing goes beyond a physical structure as it includes an open and inclusive housing market that fulfills the diverse needs of all community residents. The aim of fair housing laws is to ensure equitable access to quality housing, high-achieving schools, employment opportunities, transportation options, banking services, grocery stores, retail, public services, and public space. Local governments reap benefits from promoting integration by lowering costs for social services, improving revenues through strong property values, and providing a desirable community where households and businesses can thrive.